SCHOOL MILK Project In Asian

SCHOOL MILK Project In Asian

In Asian


1,000,000 Milk Cartons For Asian’ Children

“Children are the happiness of the family, the future of the country”

The World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has launched   World School Milk Day to raise awareness about the benefits of drinking milk at school for children’s development.  Since its launch, World School Milk Day has quickly become an annual event that many countries respond and applied.

With the practical effects  the  program “School Milk” is bringing that the Government as well as non-governmental organizations in many countries has increasingly recognize the importance of this program in supporting the   growth health up of children.

Data from the World Milk Federation (IDF) in 2020 has shows that at least 160 million children globally are benefiting from drinking milk at school.

ØMany studies have proven that the combination of quality education, policy of health insurance  and school nutrition care, specifically “School milk”, will positively contribute to the development of children. Children and young people – Ms. Caroline Emond, Executive Director of IDF (excerpt from Report on “School Milk”  Program Contribution to Global Child Nutrition 2020).

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