Which type of stock should be kept in stock?

Which type of stock should be kept in stock?

Which type of stock should be kept in stock?

Preserving agricultural products has always been a matter of primary concern for countries that favor agriculture across the globe. Companies and enterprises specialize in producing and supplying agricultural products. Then choosing to rent a warehouse so that the quality of the goods is always guaranteed to be the best. In this article, experts on preserving agricultural products from LEC Group. Will you give me the most appropriate answer on which agricultural products should be stored in what type of warehouse to suit?

The task of the warehouse for preserve agricultural products

To know what agricultural products should be contained in what type of warehouse is good and most appropriate. It is indispensable to learn about the warehouse’s mission of preserving agricultural products.

Storage warehouses will generally have the task of preserving and storing agricultural products before and after processing. For preserving agricultural products, warehouses play an important role. It is because of this reason that warehouse construction is primarily for preservation, not simply for storage.

In other words, the warehouse is the technical and material basis for carrying out the process of preserving agricultural products. The first and most important factor determining the quality of agricultural product preservation.

For each of the different types of agricultural products, appropriate types of warehouses will be needed. Especially for equipment for preliminary processing, monitoring, detection, and timely handling of abnormal incidents in the warehouse.

Which type of stock should be kept in stock for proper storage?

To answer the question, what type of stock should be kept in excellent and appropriate stock? Then that kind of warehouse must meet the following requirements:

    • The warehouse must have enough capacity to contain all the volume of products to be stored.
    • Warehouse must be built on high terrain, easy to drain, and not flooded in case of heavy and prolonged rain.
    • Warehouse design and structure must meet storage requirements such as insulation and moisture insulation and avoid creating conditions for insects to grow and rodents (like mice) to gouge. At the same time, it must create favorable conditions for inspection and troubleshooting, convenient for killing harmful microorganisms and insects.
    • The direction of the vertical axis of the warehouse must be East-West, in order to minimize the influence of solar radiation.
    • There must be equipped for preliminary processing before warehousing or handling unusual incidents in warehouses, such as cleaning, drying, ventilating equipment, etc. Especially, there must be transport facilities. to mechanize the loading and unloading, and warehousing.

Agricultural Silos. Building Exterior. Storage and drying of grains, wheat, corn, soy, sunflower against the blue sky with white clouds.

Thus, to choose the best and best agricultural product warehouse. You need to prioritize the selection of warehouses that fully meet the above factors. To better understand this issue, as well as get the best choice. Find out the following types of agricultural warehouses to get a comprehensive look.

Current types of agricultural storage

After learning about what agricultural products should be contained in what type of warehouse. Now is the time to learn about the different types of agricultural warehouses currently available. Since then, there is an additional facility to choose the type of agricultural storage that is most appropriate.

Based on the types of agricultural products to be preserved, it can be divided into the following types of warehouses: grain storage, storage of tubers, storage of fruits and vegetables, and storage of milk, meat, and fish. It is based on the degree of mechanization: simple warehouse, mechanical warehouse, silo warehouse.

Set of storage tanks cultivated agricultural crops processing plant.

  • A simple warehouse is a warehouse that has no attached facilities. The work that takes place in the warehouse is mainly the use of human labor.
  • Motorized warehouse: is a type of warehouse equipped with means of transportation to mechanize the entire import and export work. The ventilation, temperature, and humidity control are all solved by mechanical or automation.
  • Silo warehouse: is the most modern and advanced warehouse. In addition to fully integrating the properties of mechanical storage. The silo is also equipped with means to implement cold, airy, closed storage methods…